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3 Tips To Find A Dead Animal In Your House

3 Tips To Find A Dead Animal In Your House

Did you recently spray a pesticide inside your home? Is there some foul smell coming out of your property? If yes, there are chances that some rodent or animal may have died due to the impact of a pesticide or sickness. Animals, especially the rats and mice prefer hiding at some inaccessible place before dying.

Having a dead animal stuck somewhere inside your home can pose great dangers to the health and hygiene of a family. Its carcass carries deadly bacteria and microbes that can be blamed for emitting an unpleasant odor. Though it us better to call a wildlife control expert for safe dead animal removal, it’s better to ensure if there is really some trapped animal inside your home or not. Most of the times, the weird smell is due to some drain issues or clogs which generally goes unnoticed.

Few signs that point towards a hidden dead animal are:

  1. Strong & lingering odor: The foremost sign that tells something is surely wrong is a strong and lingering odor coming from the interiors. If you have tried almost everything to get rid of the awful smell but to no effects, then there are chances that you may have a dead animal carcass trapped inside your property.
  2. An increased amount of flies: Where there is a dead animal, there are pests, especially the house flies. If your home is usually not infested with flies, but from a day or so their number is increased, there is surely a matter of concern. Either they are feeding on the dead carcass of the animal or some open food source. Thoroughly inspect your property to identify the reason behind flies infestation.
  3. Stain on the wall or ceiling: In case, you had recently noticed an unknown stain in your attic or some other room corner, be alert about the hygiene of your property. An unexplained stain on the wall or ceiling may be of the ill or injured animal who have recently died in your home.

These are some of the signs of a dead animal that is trapped inside your home or attic. If you are looking for a wildlife removal company in Mississauga for effective animal control service, feel free to contact our professionals at Action Wildlife Removal.