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5 Effective Tips To Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

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Though the squirrels appear to be innocent, but they can be quite a nuisance around the garden. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing your strawberries and tomatoes nibbled at by these hairy beasts. You need some effective solutions for squirrel control in Brampton. Most of the animal control Brampton services help homeowners in getting rid of them. They provide reliable and effective tips about how to keep them out of your garden.

What harm do these squirrels do in your garden?

  • Eat all the food in the bird feeders
  • Nibble on the seeds and fruits of the plant

  • Poop and urinate in the garden
  • From garden they can enter your attics, creating a lot of mess there.
  • If you have tried your hands at ridding the squirrels, you know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Have a look at some of the effective techniques to prevent squirrels from eating away your plants and fruits.

    1. Using Squirrel Repellent Sprays

    Squirrel repellent sprays are designed to keep the squirrels out of your garden. These sprays are generally formulated out of the urine of predators like foxes. Squirrels will fear the presence of predators nearby and will stay away from your garden.

    2. A wire mesh to keep out squirrels from the garden beds

    Fencing your garden beds is an ideal option, particularly when you are seeding them or its time for fruits. Use a wire mesh so that squirrels cannot gnaw at them. Around the flower, tightly woven wire mesh of around 10 inches of height.

    3. Place a tray of water to quench their thirst

    Most of the time, squirrels want to quench their thirst and for that they attack fruiting plants. If you arrange a source of water near the flower beds, there are chances that they don’t nibble up the fruits and return satisfied. However, this method doesn’t guarantee 100% result, but it will surely reduce the onslaught.

    4. Using Cayenne Pepper or garlic as a repellent

    Make a mixture of mashed garlic and vinegar to spray around the plants to repel squirrels. This technique is really effective in keeping the squirrels from attacking the flower and vegetable beds. Another organic way to prevent squirrels is by using cayenne pepper. Just mix the pepper with water and spray it around and on the plants. Squirrels have a very sensitive sense of smell and will run away by the presence of pepper.

    5. Trap the squirrels and release them afar

    Sometimes squirrels become too pesky to handle. Just place the squirrel trap to capture them and then leave them far away from your home. Make sure you release them at least 15 miles away from your garden.

    These are some useful techniques that will help you keep squirrels out of garden. If they are beyond your control, contact Action Wildlife Removal Services. Our professionals will prevent these pesky critters as safely and humanely as possible.