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5 Proven Ways To Deal With A Goose Invasion

5 Proven Ways To Deal With A Goose Invasion

One of the awkward situation is encountered, when you visit your backyard and unfortunately steps your foot onto the goose dung left behind by a flock of Canadian geese. These are seasonal birds that migrate and invade your home during certain months of a year. These geese nearly went towards the line of extinction in the 20th century, but due to the efforts of various wildlife saving communities they have gained a massive outbreak.

Due to their robust population in several parts of the country, homeowners consider Canadian geese as a nuisance causing wildlife creature. Though killing these birds for few days in a year is allowed, it is not at all an effective technique to prevent their invasion inside a residence. As long as your property consists of some attractive sources that compel goose to land over your yard, getting rid of these birds is not at all possible.

Some ways to deal with a goose habitat inside your yard are:

  1. Assess The Situation:If the geese are just stopping by for few days during the spring or fall, then they are likely using your spot as a resting stop. In case, they are inside your home during winters too, this means they have actually selected your place as a habitat.
  2. Think Ahead: Once you are able to determine the exact situation, its time of design an action plan. Your foremost focus should be to deter away these birds from settling down on your yard, much before their breeding season i.e. spring. This means you have to undertake some landscape changes.
  3. Mow Higher: Since Canada geese are more attracted towards vegetation, its advised to keep the length of grass very short. For this, you have to mow the tall grass inside your property very often. Follow organic lawn care techniques and shade out the unwanted weed growths. Mow the grass and bushes at a higher length.
  4. Avoid Attraction: Food is the foremost thing that attracts a wildlife invasion inside your property. Your aim should be to avoid sources of attraction like goose preferred, Kentucky bluegrass. Also reduce the level of vegetation and include water vegetation.
  5. Install Fencing: To prevent unwanted wildlife goose to roam around the pond or fountain inside your property, consider installing a wire or fence that can deter these birds away. Goose removal is not as easy as it seems and keeping them away from water is not less than a challenge that needs to be completed to prevent habitat of these birds.

These are some effective ways to deal with goose infestation inside a yard. If you are looking for a trusted wildlife company that can remove goose from your property, feel free to call our wildlife control professionals at Action Wildlife Control.