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5 Questions to Ask Your Wildlife Control Brampton Company

Wildlife Control Brampton

If you are hurry to get a squirrel out of your chimney, you probably just contact the first number you can find on Google and let a wildlife control Brampton expert visit you and take care of the nuisance wildlife. But if you have a wildlife problem that can wait, it’s worth spending time to interview the potential company you plan on hiring.

Here are those 5 questions you must ask to determine whether or not a particular animal control company is a good fit for your needs.

Do you practice humane animal removal?

There are plenty of ways to get rid of wildlife in your property, but not all of them are equally humane. A humane method of getting rid of wildlife is live-trapping and relocating the animal away from your property. The inhumane methods involve poisoning and trapping that either kill the wildlife instantly or injure it. Make sure the company of your choice practices humane animal removal whenever possible.

How do you prevent future infestations?

Having a scary raccoon gone is good, but what about preventing other wildlife from taking its place? It is important that your wildlife control Brampton company takes measures to prevent future infestations. These may include sealing the entrance holes used by the wildlife, and advising you on things you can do to deter the animal. Taking these preventive steps will ensure that you do not face the same problem again.

Will you clean up the mess?

Most homeowners are unaware of things going on underneath their decks or in their attics. All they are aware of is that there are some strange noises and there is definitely a wildlife living there. Once the animal is humanely removed, homeowners are faced with the aftermath, which may consist of damaged drywall or torn-up insulation. A full-service wildlife control company will clean up the nesting site and will repair the damage caused by the wildlife.

Are you fully licensed and insured?

As you might know, if there is a squirrel, a raccoon or some other wildlife in your property, you will need to call an animal control Brampton company. And since wildlife removal can be dangerous, it is important to check whether the potential company is properly licensed and insured. The last thing you want is someone getting bit by a raccoon on your property and you being stuck paying the medical costs.

How big are you?

If the wildlife control company is a one-man operation, don’t even think about getting prompt response to your questions or emergency calls. Make sure to hire an established company that has enough resources to deliver on their promises. Look for a company that has a working website and makes it easy for clients to get in touch.

Give Action Wildlife Removal a call and we’ll be happy to answer these questions and any other you might have. We are a wildlife control Brampton company investigating, identifying and removing the nuisance animals from your property humanely and effectively.