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Common Damages Caused By Skunks In A Property


Skunks are notorious creatures that prefer to live in the wild or open area but may invade a residential property in search of food and shelter. You can often notice them moving in the yard, resting under the deck or jumping on the trees. Though these tiny critters look quite adorable, they are responsible for causing wreak in a property by digging lawns to make dens, thereby ruining the vegetation. Not only this, they may attempt to enter the attic and damage the wires. If there is a skunk family staying in your yard or attic, never ignore their presence and get them evicted by an animal control expert.

Here are some common damages a skunk can cause:

  • Digging Holes & Burrows
    With sharp claws and strong front legs, skunks can dig shallow holes anywhere in the soil. If you notice any holes or signs of digging, check out for a skunk moving around. Their digging habit can result in costly structural damages and may ruin a yard’s appeal.
  • Damaging Vent Screens
    Since skunks are notorious in nature, they may try numerous ways to gain entry in your premise. This includes chewing the vent screens, damaging the chimney mesh, tearing the attic insulation and wiring among many others. Their claws and teeth are sharp enough to tear almost any material, right from plastic to metal.
  • Odor Contamination
    Skunks are responsible for producing a weird smell from their anal glands to frighten away an intruder. They are known to trigger the odor whenever you or your pet tries to confront them. It is their defense reaction to a danger or threat. Moreover, they may contaminate a property with feces and urine droppings having a strong odor.

So, these were some common mischief activities skunk can conduct in your yard or property. If you are dealing with a skunk invasion and want to get rid of them, feel free to call our wildlife control experts at Action Wildlife Removal.