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Few Homemade Remedies to Ward off Wildlife

Few Homemade Remedies to Ward off Wildlife

With summers all around, a wide number of pests can be seen buzzing in the yards. They tend to invade human properties to take shelter against scorching summer heats. Rodents, raccoons, bees are the common wildlife creatures that often invade a home or yard. These animals and insects tend to cause clutter inside a premise and should be removed as soon as possible. There are several homemade remedies that are effective in controlling the wildlife population. Though calling pest exterminators is an ideal solution, one should always try humane methods to deter away these creatures to save both money and time.

Some home remedies to remove unwanted animals are:

  1. Peppers or chili powder:Peppers have a strong fragrance and are considered an easy treatment to avoid pest entry inside a home. By scattering peppers or chili power, a homeowner can prevent raccoon, squirrel and skunk invasions. One can also try chopped jalapenos or cayenne pepper to deter away these unwanted creatures.
  2. Garlic solution: The strong and unpleasant fumes emitted by garlic are effective in warding off raccoons and other animals that tend to invade your yard. To start with, take two cloves of garlix and boil them in water. Let the boiled mixture to cool down and pour it into a spray pump. Apply this solution in the animal prone areas to keep them away from your garden.
  3. Scatter pet hair: Tiny animals like squirrels and skunks are generally afraid of pets like cats and dogs. If you are having a pet at home, then there are very least chances of wildlife invasion. In case, you don’t have pets, collect or purchase some pet hair and place them inside a yard. This will deter away the tiny creatures as they will be afraid of a pet attack.
  4. Herbal pest remedy: There are several forms of herbs that are effective in provoking a strong repellant fume that will deter the pests away from a property. Consider growing herbs that possess strong scents that are allergic to animals like opossums and chipmunks. Some of them include lavender, marigold, basil, mint, onions and hot peppers.

These are some proven homemade remedies to prevent animal invasion inside a property. If you have already tried all of these measures but in vain, consider calling our animal removal experts at Action Wildlife Control for effective and long term animal removal service.