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How to Fix the Attic Damage Caused by Wild Animals

Wildlife Removal

If rodents or other critters have invaded your property, getting rid of them is just one part of the solution. Animals, like bats, squirrels, raccoon, mice, prefer to live and breed in the attic. Sometimes, homeowners don’t even realize their presence until several generations of critters have moved in. you may try to prevent them from your property on their own or with the help of a professional animal control Brampton service. But, only the removal of the animal won’t resolve your issue. Even after the animal has been removed, you still have to deal with the damage caused by the animal.

Identify the Opening

It feels great when you see squirrels or other critters out of your home. But, the question arises is how did they manage to get in there? Is there any opening on the roof that allowed the animal or critter to get in? Did a loose flashing allow rats to make their way in? If you couldn’t find the entryway and seal it, is just a matter of time before you see other animals living in your attic.

Clean Up After an Infestation

Wildlife animals are not at all fastidious about their surroundings and living conditions. They keep on changing the areas leaving behind urine and feces. Some animals pee and poop constantly, creating a lot of mess in your attic. Squirrels urine contains some kind of scent that attracts other wildlife. Moreover, the acidic properties of the wildlife urine can create a lot of damage to your home.

Once the animal is removed, make sure you clean the entire area properly and also disinfect it. In case you are removing the droppings yourself, make sure you wear gloves and cover your face properly as that excrement may contain infection-causing bacteria.

Repair the Damage

The animals cause damage at both the times – first, when they try to gain access to your home and second, when they live and breed inside your home. They can chew on electrical wires, wood, and anything they come across. They can tear apart the attic insulation leading to expensive repair.

At Action Wildlife Removal, we often receive calls when squirrels, raccoons, mice, snake or any other wildlife have taken up residence in the attic. Once we identify the critter and remove it successfully from your property, our next step is the repair the damage. Our animal control Brampton experts will identify the main entryways and seal them properly to prevent future invasion.

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