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How To Prevent Wild Animals From Getting Into Your Home?

Prevent Wild Animals

Have you ever had a snake in your garage or a skunk living under your deck? Have you ever had squirrels in your attics? Have you ever wondered – How did they get in there? Well, you are not alone facing such wildlife problems. Wild animals try to invade your residential spaces as they find rich sources of food and water there. Our wildlife removal Mississauga experts have compiled a few tips helping you keep those critters from making your life miserable.

How do they get in?

How a wild animal gain access into your home depends on the animals, but there are a few common entry points that make your home vulnerable to invasion.

  • Construction gaps and small holes in the joints, eaves and rooflines act like a gateway leading to your home.
  • A shifting house and high winds can create openings around the chimney.
  • Pest can easily exploit the entry points caused by heavy snow, expansion and contraction.
  • When gutters fail to properly direct water away from your home, wood can become moist and rotted. This can attract insects and rodents to chew and make an entry to your house.
  • Broken windows provide a quick route into your attic spaces.
  • Neglected porches, decks and patios allow wild animals to create their nests and dens. If these areas become home to mice or rats, those rodents will soon make their way into your home.

How do I keep wild animals out?

Now that you know that squirrels, rats, raccoons, mice and a host of other critters can easily chew their way into your house, following are some effective tips to keep them out of your dwelling.

  • Make sure you fortify your eaves with pest resistant modifications to keep them robust to penetrate. Your eaves and rooflines require a pest controller treat to deter pests from exploring your home.

  • It is advised to get your roof checked once a year, especially if you are having any trouble with pest and wild animals. A handyman can help keep your shingles and chimney in a good working order.

  • Water is your enemy. Thus make sure your gutters are clean and work properly. There should not be any stagnant water in your premises.

  • Keep your deck, patio, porch properly repaired. You can use a caulking gun to fill holes, until you afford to repair rotted areas completely. Ask a pest professional how to properly do this.

  • Keep-an-eye on your deck and roof during winter to prevent buckling and pulling. If you find a deck pulling away from the home, get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Wild animals belong in the wild. You need to be proactive in order to protect your home and investment. If there is any pest or wild animal creating nuisance in your home, you can call our experts at Action Wildlife Removal. We will get the animal out of your place in a timely and efficient manner.