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Raccoon Control & Removal: How To Get Rid of Them

Raccoon Control & Removal

Raccoons aren’t the cute and friendly creatures that the cartoons portray. They are, in fact, a wild animal throughout Mississauga and Brampton – and officially classified as such by the Canadian government. If they invade your home, you must call in Mississauga animal removal company to get rid of raccoons in a timely and efficient manner.

What’s wrong with raccoons?

Raccoons generally try to invade people’s homes any way possible – via attics, chimney stacks, roofs and even through screen doors. They will scavenge through trash cans, steal food and also scare your domestic animals. Raccoons may even spread rabies and infect other animals via saliva. There are numerous ways to get rid of raccoons, you can consult or hire a local animal removal company. It is advised to seek guidance from an expert before tackling them on your own.

Familiarize yourself with raccoon behavior

Generally, raccoons are mainly interested in two things – food and shelter. They prefer to live in residential areas and as they are confident animals and aren’t scared of domestic pets or even humans, they are able to get hold of some good corner or part of the house. They are mostly active at night and are a mischievous and cheeky species. Raccoons might look friendly, but they’re not domesticated.

Get rid of raccoons by trapping them

Trapping for raccoon removal is one the most humane ways of capturing and relocating the animals, but be sure that you have a raccoon at your home else you could end up trapping another animal like a cat or a possum. Further, there are some legal requirements for wild animal traps. You need to take care of the safety and welfare of the animal and it must be foremost in any animal removal process. Which is why, it is important to seek help from a professional animal removal company in Mississauga. It will relocate the raccoon locally and also animal proof your property.

Note: It is illegal in many places to trap and relocate raccoons unless you are licensed. Thus, make sure the company you hire is fully licensed, insured and certified to undertake such critical task.

Preventing raccoons

Of course, prevention is better than cure. Always secure your trash cans, never leave pet food out, firmly close the windows and seal your roof access as well as underneath your house. Remember, raccoons are talented and can adapt themselves well to survive in the modern era. They can cause a lot of damage in the process of getting into your property.

If you need help getting rid of raccoons, call us at Action Wildlife Removal!