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  • Six Signs You Have Squirrels In Your House or Attic

Six Signs You Have Squirrels In Your House or Attic

 Six Signs You Have Squirrels In Your House or Attic

Every year, a number of homeowners discover they have squirrels and other wildlife animals in their house. Your attics are the greatest places for hiding them, especially in the winter season. Unfortunately, when wildlife animals enter your home or move into your attic, your attic or property suffers extensive damage.

Squirrels are tiny critters and they can enter your house very easy. If you have trees near to your house and it has large branches, there are chances you have squirrels in your attic. They get into your house through soffit vents, chimney and roof holes. Noticing wildlife animals or squirrels in your house can be done the proper information and knowledge, but dealing with them is best left to the professionals. With some basic knowledge, you can confirm your suspicious and do something about the problem before it gets out of control.

  1. Squirrels around the roof: Squirrels are very adorable park dwellers collecting nuts for the winter. They might be innocent. If you see them around your roof, it might be a clue that there is an entry point on the roof that squirrels are exploiting. When you see them, you need to pay attention to their behavior and habits.
  2. Scratching noises: Hearing strange and awkward noises is the first sign you have an unknown guest in your house. For squirrels, a scurrying sound along your ceiling and attic is the most common noise they make. When it has become stuck in a wall cavity or down the chimney, you hear persistent scratching noise.
  3. Squirrel droppings: When you are inspecting your attic and find squirrel droppings among the rafters, it is a clear sign that you have these unwanted guests in the attic. Dropping of these animals are small and cylindrical with round edges.
  4. Damage to shingles: Finding damage or worn shingles on the roof can indicate that squirrels are trying their best to exploit weak points on the roof in order to access your attic. These creatures are very smart and they can make the most of any opportunity.
  5. Nests in hollowed tree openings: When you see a squirrel nest in hollowed trees near to your house, there are chances that there is a habitat in or around your house. There is a higher probability that these animals can make their way from tree to house.
  6. Damaged entry points: Just like raccoon and mice, squirrels can almost chew through any material. Their teeth are quite strong and they can get into your house through a small hole.

Removing squirrels and other wildlife animals from your property is a job for professionals. You should never take an animal problem on your own. Whether you are able to trap or kill them, it is best left the job to the professionals. If you are still not sure that you have squirrels in the attic or any other animal, call a wildlife removal professional at Action Wildlife Removal in the GTA.