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Tips to Bug-Proof Your Home

Tips to Bug-Proof Your Home

Sometimes it seems like wherever you turn, there’s a fly or some other bug in your home. Getting rid of these little critters can be extremely difficult, specially when you lack proper knowledge and tools. When you need to bug proof you home, then give Action Wildlife Removal a call. Our professionals are competent to get any bugs out of your home.

  1. Keep Bugs Out of House: Start with the outside. Dissuade pests from getting inside your home. The best way to do this is by blocking their entryways. Make sure you keep the yard well maintained and use high quality sprays to keep bugs at bay. Prevent any pools of standing water and empty everything that holds water.
    Also check the gutters and drains, they should be clean and have chlorine in them. If you have birdbaths, change the water twice a week.
  2. Seal the House: Learning about how bugs get entry to your home is the key to making your home bug proof. Carefully inspect the exteriors for any cracks or small openings. If you find any opening around the pipes and wires, seal them right away with foam insulation. This will keep the bugs out. Repair cracks in the walls, sidings and eves etc. Use high quality products to seal the cracks and openings and prevent the entry of bugs once and for all.
  3. Pick Up Food, Water and Garbage: Make sure you always clean the sinks thoroughly and pick up any leftovers. Even your pet’s food and water bowls can attract bugs, so make sure you keep them away. Take the trash out every day but be sure that the trash cans are kept away from your home. It is advisable to never miss trash pick-up in order to prevent any source of food and water for the pests.
  4. Contact Action Wildlife Removal: Cleaning the yard and properly sealing the home is the best way to keep these critters away from your property. In case, they still get successful in invading your place, then give Action Wildlife Removal a call. Our professionals have the experience and skills to provide you with a bug-free surrounding. We are well-versed with a wide range of pest removal techniques so you find a home that is virtually pest free.