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3 Tips To Keep Snakes Away From Your Yard


Snakes are one of the dangerous creatures found in the wild. They may invade the garden or yard in your home, especially in the hot or rainy weather. Majority of snakes are poisonous and you should remain away from them as a safety measure.

Though these crawlers play a crucial role in safeguarding the vegetation in a yard by dining on rodents and other garden pests, their presence is still considered a threat to your family’s safety. Keeping snakes out is not an easy task, but you can try some valid ways to limit their presence. Some of which include:

  • Seal Crevices & Holes
    The foremost thing to do is sealing all openings or holes in and around your home where snakes may prefer living. Inspect your property in and out to find any snake habitat. To get started, seal away the crevices found in the door bottoms, weep holes, pipe openings, cracks and spaces under eaves.
  • Clean the Yard
    An untidy or cluttered yard can turn out to become the perfect hiding place for a snake. If you want to avoid their infestation in the long run, remove the elements that may attract them. Start by removing the debris and piles of dried leaves, stones or soil. The other thing you can do is trimming the lawn and cutting the vegetation short at least once in a month.
  • Install Snake-proof Fence
    If you reside in an area where snakes are common, the best solution is to install a snake-proof fence. This will keep your interiors protected from these unwanted crawlers. No matter, it’s a harmless or poisonous snake, these fences are designed to keep these pests at bay.

So, these are some common yet effective ways of preventing a snake infestation. If you are dealing with the pest problem anywhere in Brampton, feel free to call our snake control experts at Action Wildlife Removal.