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What Destruction & Things Wildlife Leaves Behind

 Destruction & Things Wildlife Leaves Behind

When wildlife takes shelter in your home it gets a little stressful for you and your family. For most people, the immediate concern is eradicating these animals and stopping them from getting in again.

Getting rid of troublesome raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats and skunks from your home or property in Brampton is a Herculean task. Once you have succeeded in preventing them off your property, it is important to inspect the infected areas to see what damage they have caused to your property.

The level of damage and contamination left behind by an animal primary depends on a few factors, including the type of species, where and for how long it has been living there.

Here are a few things that you need to look out around your home after excluding the animal:

Urine and Feces

Wild animals don’t undergo any toilet training session. Whether you have squirrels, skunks or raccoons in your attic or deck you bet they must be filling the space with urine and feces. In the worst-case scenario, the strong odor of urine and feces will soak into the building material, filling your entire home with an unpleasant smell. Moreover, there are many health concerns associated with their droppings. Some of the animals’ droppings, such as raccoon, carries a dangerous parasite called Baylisascaris, that can cause neurological damage.

Damaged Insulation

While nesting inside your attic or ceiling, the animal damage the insulation. Raccoons and squirrels can cause a lot of damage through moving, compacting and shredding insulation.

Such destruction can turn out to be expensive for homeowners, particularly when insulation is utmost important to keep down the energy bills. Re-installation of insulation is a labor-intensive task as the damage is sometimes very difficult to reach and fix.

Chewed Wiring

Every home attic and walls have electrical cables for lights and appliances inside the home. Unfortunately, most of the animals love to gnaw on them. Damaged and chewed electrical wires can be far more destructive than wildlife invasion, it could lead to a fire.

Nesting Material

Squirrels and birds build their nest with grass, leaves, twigs and many other things. When these animals invade your property, they also bring a lot of other trash along. This nesting material can block your ventilation system and cause your appliances to overheat and fail to work.


Most of the wildlife animals carry various types of ticks, parasites and fleas. Even though you successfully evicted the animal, the nasty little parasites will still be there in your home. However, they can’t live on humans, but, they can certainly bite you and cause irritation and skin infections.

Action Wildlife Removal & Control Services

Sometimes the damage cause by wildlife can be worse than the infestation itself. In such situation, only a professional wildlife removal company can help you deal with these pesky animals. Action Wildlife Removal in Brampton specializes in preventing wildlife animals from your property and also in cleaning up what wildlife leaves behind.