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Effective Tips to Get Rid of the Skunk Smell

Effective Tips to Get Rid of the Skunk Smell

Skunks are the animals whose presence in your territory can make you very much irritated. They not only damage your property or stuff, but also make your life hell with that bad odor coming from them.

It is also very tough to get rid of that odor. One should take all the precautionary measures to ensure that no skunk can come inside your territory.

What if they manage to do so? Don’t worry, we will guide you to their bad odor removal from your property.

Tips to get rid of the skunk smell:-

  1.  Find out the source
    It is very important to find the source of the smell. Yes! It is true that the smell passes from one place to other, but you should see where it is maximum.
    Try to clean as much as you can as it is the only way to get rid of it. This will surely be tough for you, but one can definitely call for a professional help if required.
  2. Look if your pet has been sprayed
    If your pet has been sprayed, chances are that it will keep on moving the odor from one place to other, leaving its impact on everything it comes across.
    It is important that you take your pet outside and wash it thoroughly and also the places he/she have spread the odor to.
  3.  Clothes
    You might have no idea that your clothes are also holding that odor. This can be as a result of a direct contact or from something you came into contact with.
    The only way to stop it from spreading to other places is to wash your clothes, also make sure to use hot water while washing.
  4.  Open windows and run fans
    It is very important that you open the windows and let the natural air to come in. This will help in removing the bad odor and also turn on the fans for faster results.
    Fans will help in throwing the odor out of the windows. When the natural ventilation flow starts, the odor disappears in some time.
  5. Carpet and curtain wash
    Skunks can spray their odor to anything and who knows where all it spreads. Your pet can spread the smell to the carpets, curtains or anything for that matter.
    It is very important to wash all these things at the earliest and prevent it from spreading across the house. Also, try cleaning it in the hot water with detergent.
  6.  Air deo
    Spray air deo everywhere where the bad smell is coming. This is quite an effective solution and must be repeated several times till the skunk odor goes out.
    Choose a spray that is built specially for this purpose as most of the sprays only have perfume effect and not the deodorizing effect.

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