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  • Invaded by Raccoons? Try These 4 Phenomenal Tips NOW

Invaded by Raccoons? Try These 4 Phenomenal Tips NOW

4 Phenomenal Tips NOW

Raccoon removal is the most sought pest control service these days, thanks to the ever increasing numbers of these pesky animals in the neighbourhood. The reason why the racoons are able to flourish so much is that they can easily adapt themselves to the city environment. They blend so perfectly and prefer to stay in attics or basements and therefore are rarely visited by humans. They lay birth to their offspring there because of the sheer cozy nature of attics and basements and are thus able to multiply comfortably.

Raccoons, however, should be handled promptly. They carry numerous parasites and worms which are a health hazard in their own. Homeowners should therefore restrict their entry immediately and follow the given tips to make sure these notorious animals stay at bay from your property.

  1. Don’t Feed Them : Raccoons might confuse your garden/lawn with an open buffet if they always end up finding food there. If they do, they’ll return to your house and lawn again and again and again. To add to your worries, they’ll even bring some pals next time so their numbers just keep on increasing. So pick fallen fruits and nuts, cover garbage bins with heavy lids and bring your pet’s food bowel indoor at night.
  2. Shoo Them Away : These animals don’t really belong to the bravest of the animal kingdom and therefore it’s extremely easy to scare the hell out of them. For that you can make use of radios, motion-activated lights, scarecrows, waving flags and even water sprinklers. These methods though cannot be termed as permanent solutions but can definitely give you some relief from them for quite a long while.
  3. Shock Them! : Raccoon removal experts say that shock repellents have turned out to be highly effective against raccoons. Installing electric fences, which are easily available nowadays, will not only guard your property but will also deliver a painful yet harmless jolt of current to all those raccoons which plan to seek entry in your house. Such fences are always powered by a line separate from the main line.
  4. Dogs Rarely Help : Those who own a pet dog generally have this notion that their brave canine might help them solve this problem, however that’s not a bright idea. That’s because the chances of your dog killing the racoon are equal to the racoon killing your dog. Racoons, in fact, are three times stronger than dogs so using your pet dog to deter a group of worthless raccoons can be a very bad idea unless and until you own a Black Tan or a Blue Tick Coonhounds who can surely win such fights.

Raccoons are a menace and they not only make your house unfit to live but also bring hordes of infections with themselves. Therefore it’s best to get rid of them immediately. In case the problem is much bigger, do not hesitate to contact the wildlife control services. We, at Action Wildlife Removal, have helped various homeowners to get rid of animals and insects from their house permanently. Reach out to us anytime if you need help.