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Tips to Deal with a Squirrel Problem in Your Home

Squirrel Problem in Your Home

Although cute and little, squirrels are difficult creatures to deal with. Once they enter your home, it is difficult to remove them without the help of a professional squirrel control Brampton service. Their crazy acts are lovable yet once they start making a lot of noises and chew the insulation of your electric wires, they become one huge problem. Thus, in order to prevent squirrels from turning your home into a mess, follow these helpful tips.

Seal Entry Traps

Prevent their access to areas they commonly disrupt such as attics or storage sheds. Cut any over-hanging branches that may provide them easy access to these areas of your home. They can also gain access to your attic via phone lines or utility wires, so it is recommended to shield the wires. You can also buy squirrel repellent products available in the nearest hardware store which may prevent their entry to areas they are causing a mess in.

Use Live Traps

Use live traps to keep these creatures from ripping your curtains and furniture. Some animal control Brampton companies rent live traps to help homeowners to remove and relocate squirrels from their properties. These animals should be relocated in forest areas where they cannot cause disruptions to other homeowners.

Squirrel-Proof Bird-feeders

When these avid creatures raid bird-feeders, it is better to go for feeders which are squirrel-proof. Although a bit costly, these feeders are really great to deter squirrels.

Show the Nearest Exit

In case you have a squirrel inside your home and is very eager to go out, you only need to show her the exit door. Close all the interior doors, but leave an exterior door or window open. Leave the squirrel alone to let her to find her way out. Another technique is to approach the squirrel slowly with a blanket, drop it on her and roll it up quickly. Make sure not to press the creature as you relocate her outside. Gently keep the blanket on the ground and let her escape. Once these creatures are relocated, it would be easy to find the potential entryways such as fireplace, chimney, furnace, or fireplace and take measures to prevent them from gaining entry again. Also, inspect the attic and look for entrance holes.

At Action Wildlife Removal, our technicians are specially trained to effectively and humanely remove squirrels and prevent them from gaining access to your home in the future. Contact our animal control Brampton company today.